Published: Thu, December 07, 2017
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Bigg Boss 11: Divya Agarwal's SHOCKING plans to confront Priyank Sharma

Bigg Boss 11: Divya Agarwal's SHOCKING plans to confront Priyank Sharma

After the heated Bigg Boss 11 captaincy task where Arshi Khan emerged as the new captain, the contestants will undergo an emotional ride in tonight's episode.

Gauri, who married Hiten in 2004, says she has been with him for too long to feel insecure. While enemies turned friends Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde will be seen bonding with each other's mothers in the show.

As we all know Divya had recently announced her break up with Priyank after seeing his closeness with Benafsha Soonawalla.

In the episode aired on Wednesday (December 6th, 2017), Akash Dadlani forcibly kisses Shilpa Shinde in the presence of another co-contestant Puneesh Sharma. Arshi father also asks her to call Salman as "Salman sir" to make a good impression.

Bigg Boss 11's Priyank Sharma was the first contestant to be evicted from the house. One was in open, which was his and Bandgi's and the other is a one-sided love of Luv for Hina. Every time the housemates fail to win the luxury budget task, but this time, despite being the most hard task, it seems that they will successfully complete the task.

Priyank and Divya met during the latest season of Splitsvilla and have been in a relationship since.

Yes, Hina is all about "I, me and myself", but then that's what amazes her fans.

Upon entering the house, Divya asked Priyank if he remembered her. Even as she retaliates, Akash continues to provoke her by saying, "Kya karegi, haan. Whatever you have lost a lot", she said. Now what happened after Divya left the house will surely amaze you. A video had come out where Priyank is seen crying as soon as he sees Divya in the house and they both get too emotional. He even said that he loves him as he is his dearest friend.

Puneesh's father when enters the house, he tells Shilpa that Puneesh's mother wants to meet her. After mercilessly breaking her heart, it is finally time for Priyank Sharma to face the woman he wronged, his girlfriend (or ex?) Divya Aggarwal.

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