Published: Tue, December 05, 2017
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Billy Bush: Hearing 'Access Hollywood' tape is 'like a gut punch now'

Billy Bush: Hearing 'Access Hollywood' tape is 'like a gut punch now'

According to Bush, the president's remarks felt he was "doing his bit". Bush also mentioned he "would have called the FBI" had he known "there was a man detailing a sexual assault strategy".

"I think it's clear that it is" Trump's voice, Bossie said. We've got powerful people being held accountable now, and sometimes there's anonymous sources. All of these women came out with their names and told their detailed accounts.

On the Late Show, Bush told Colbert that the number of women accusing Trump and their stories made a strong impression on him. And as I read these, I said, 'Twenty women don't get together and say, 'Hey, do you know what would be really fun? "Let's take down a powerful guy together'". Enough's enough. Stop playing around with people's lives!' That upset me. The audience then cheered and clapped.

"This has hit a raw nerve in me", Bush wrote.

He opened up about the 2005 "Access Hollywood" tape that captured President Donald Trump talking about how fame has enabled him to grope and try to have sex with women.

"At the time, it was 2005", he continued, setting the scene. "There wouldn't have been the moment to bring this bus back", Colbert said. He actually doesn't do those things.' If I had thought there was a man detailing a sexual assault strategy to me, I would've called the Federal Bureau of Investigation, not just reported it to my executive producer. And I said, 'Okay, you're reopening wounds on them too. "I hope it reaches all the guys on the bus".

Colbert noted that the moment of reckoning began with Harvey Weinstein (whose own alleged history of sexual misconduct was made public October 5, nearly exactly a year after the Access Hollywood tape leak) and hasn't stopped. "Today is about reckoning and reawakening", Bush wrote. "I think he meant [himself]. which I was totally confused and backwards".

While Stern has been a friend of the 71-year-old for years, he has been vocal about this thoughts concerning the real estate mogul-turned-reality TV star pursuing politics.

"Colbert cracked, "'I took her furniture shopping.' Does that seem like common foreplay to you?" At times, the 12-minute interview was awkward and uncomfortable as even now Bush still grappled with describing the tape and its aftermath.

"He's got his hand up and I'm going into my little cabin to do the work", Bush recalled with incredulity.

Colbert asked Bush about the apparent irony of NBC firing him for his role in the situation, but continuing to employ longtime "Today" host Matt Lauer.

He said his only regret was that he didn't get the chance to address the Today audience publicly before leaving the show.

Man, oh man. Regardless, the main thing Billy's learned from this whole experience is that "women must be believed". "We kind of have to find our way to have the dialogue".

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