Published: Thu, December 07, 2017
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Calgary commemorates national day dedicated to preventing violence against women

Calgary commemorates national day dedicated to preventing violence against women

"Hearing about the awful tragedy that happened here was a real eye-opener for me, recognizing that even relatively recently there was a lot of violence towards women who wanted to pursue male-dominated fields", she said after the ceremony.

Roses will be laid in memory of local women and the 14 women of the Montreal Massacre who have been murdered by men. "It was an attack on feminism fuelled by misogyny that persists today". They have also contributed to this moment in our history when feminism is something we are proud of.

"We are not truly thriving if members of our community are allowed to suffer from pervasive abuse and discrimination", says Bertsch, the U of C's sexual violence support advocate. "Yes, there is a lot to be proud of, of things we are doing, but there's still so much work to do". The need is made evident through the recent #MeToo movement. That's one in four homicides.

Carla Bertsch, whose new position with the U of C is one of the results of that commitment, provides a passionate speech on what is needed to create a society where gender-based violence is eradicated, one that includes men and women working together. To this day, close to 40,000 people have taken the pledge. "It's a call for equity in employment and opportunity and a call for an inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women".

The Mayor was referring to the many groups represented at the ceremony including The Gilbert Centre, The Child and Youth Advocacy Centre, The Women and Children's Centre of Barrie, to name a few.

"When gender-based violence is eradicated, we'll all be better for it". They are finding their courage-and everyone who has felt alone should be inspired by this newfound courage. "We want to start that conversation, we want to start changing that culture and we want more men involved in that conversation and to take an active role", said Clinton.

"Every Albertan has the right to live without fear and violence".

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