Published: Mon, December 11, 2017
IT | By Lester Massey

Capcom Reveals the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

Capcom Reveals the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

All of the aforementioned games will come with arcade flawless gameplay.

Games include the original game, SF2, SF2: Champion Edition, SF2: Hyper Fighting, Super SF2, Super SF2: Turbo, SF Alpha, SF Alpha 2, SF Alpha 3, SF3, SF3: 2nd Impact and SF3: 3rd Strike.

The 30th Anniversary Collection will be released for PlayStation 4, XBox One and Nintendo Switch as well as for Windows PC.

In all the hoopla, most gamers barely stopped to what on earth happened to the original Street Fighter - Capcom's okay-ish brawler released in 1988 to relatively little fanfare. Players will be able to duke it out against the CPU while they wait for friends to challenge them in online battles. Online lobbies will support up to four players waiting to compete in Ranked Matches. And while the series is mostly played on consoles now, this collection will allow players to revisit the games that Street Fighter built its legacy off of. Each game also gets its own global leaderboard. But that was over ten years ago and the firm has just announced the release of its latest compilation, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection.

That's not all since Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection will also celebrate the history of the franchise with modes such as Museum, which includes a collection of conceptual art, design documents and curious details about each title. You can see the titles that will be included in the image above. We'll be providing a more in-depth look in 2018 leading up to launch, so stay tuned by following us on Twitter and liking us on Facebook.

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