Published: Sat, December 16, 2017
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Caught on Cam: NY train rescue

Caught on Cam: NY train rescue

It was another example of New Yorkers helping New Yorkers after a video captured a desperate rescue when a man fell unconscious onto the subway tracks as a train was approaching the train station Thursday morning.

The man fell onto the tracks at the Avenue H Station in Brooklyn and a Manhattan-bound Q Train was coming in.

The train did stop, giving Vicente and two others the time to get down to the tracks and lift the man onto the platform and to safety.

The hero travellers managed to drag him up from the snowy tracks onto the platform before a train rushed into the station.

"Sir, please wake up!" she yells during the clip obtained by WABC-TV.

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Youtube Storyful All Aboard! Commuter Catches Grinning Doggo Riding NY Subway in Suitcase"My God Vicente said."Thank God the train has stopped

'I was anxious that the train was coming over him.

'A lady grabbed the guy from the left, and a guy, the guy from the right and me from the bottom, ' Vicente shared with NBC New York. "Thank God the train has stopped".

The train stopped. Firefighters arrived a few minutes later and took the man to a hospital.

It is unclear how the man ended up on the tracks. "I think there are still kind people here in this world", she said.

Local police and fire departments have not yet provided an update on his condition.

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