Published: Wed, December 06, 2017
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Christmas Tree Sellout in WNC?

Christmas Tree Sellout in WNC?

The National Fire Protection Association notes that roughly 200 house fires involved a Christmas tree every year from 2011 to 2015. Which is pretty miserable.

Essentially, Christmas tree syndrome means you're allergic to your Christmas tree, and it can cause hay fever-like symptoms such as watering eyes, an itchy nose, chest pains and coughing. Even the hardiest and healthiest of trees can struggle to grow when planted in areas that are too shady, too wet, or too warm for them, so picking an appropriate variety is essential to success.

This year, Lucas said he ordered more trees.

But if you are hoping to cut your own tree this year, you may be out of luck. And if you do insist on having a real one, make sure you keep your inhaler close at hand. He was unfamiliar with the tree planting and rotation process.

A nationwide Christmas tree shortage could make it harder for South Floridians to find the ideal fir this year, especially as the holiday approaches, local vendors warn. But one Vestavia family takes their tradition a step further - they help other families find the ideal Christmas tree. Instead, it will just go to the landfill once a year, versus the artificial tree, which should last many years before you have to toss and replace it.

Hundley said the supply problems could hit South Florida harder than other parts of the country, where local farms sell their own Christmas trees.

"You can definitely tell that we're suffering the effects of the shortage because the trees aren't as tall as they have been in the past", Kuipers said.

The first indoor Christmas tree in America is thought to have been put up in 1777 in Windsor Locks, CT, by a German POW captured at the Battle of Bennington.

"We paid more for the trees, so the price increase will trickle down to our customers as well". It's best to transport a Christmas tree on top of a vehicle equipped with a roof rack.

And almost ten years on, the trees that would be ready to cut down this year don't exist, leading to a rise in prices and decline in sales, according to CNN. The real reason behind selecting a real tree is the smell, if you want the scent to last a good choice is to use ProLong. The trees are not sold wholesale. Prices across the nation could be up as much as 5 to 10 percent in big box stores. "Right now we are at the peak of the shortage".

Fraser Fir: Touted as the most popular tree in the US, the Fraser has strong branches, excellent needle retention, and a sweet-spicy scent. Douglas Firs are definitely fuller, they're a attractive tree.

"This is our 7th year in the business, and this is by far the craziest year I have ever seen when it comes to the shortage", said Brandon Helfer, one of the owners of Mr. Jingles, a tree lot company with two locations in West Palm Beach. These trees often come from China, where "Christmas villages" manufacture the world's trees and decorations.

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