Published: Wed, December 06, 2017
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Donald Trump impeachment vote to be forced by Democratic congressman Al Green

Donald Trump impeachment vote to be forced by Democratic congressman Al Green

A Texas Democratic Congressman has announced that he will be bringing articles of impeachment against US President Donald Trump on Wednesday, the second attempt in as many months. "I will tell them that tomorrow, we will bring articles of impeachment to the floor of the Congress of the United States of America for a vote".

He said that the founders wanted a way to be able to remove a President who was "causing harm to society", adding that impeachment "was designed for a time such as this and a President such as Trump".

A handful of other liberal members have also introduced their own articles of impeachment against Mr Trump, despite opposition from Democratic leaders. "It ought not to be done on a whim".

During his speech on the floor, Green says three prominent Democrats have asked to meet with him about the impeachment of Pres. Trump.

Green decided not to force a vote at the time, but he pledged to do so before the year was out, which is soon.

Pelosi has said any impeachment drive should wait until there's evidence of an impeachable offense.

In his letter to colleagues, Green wrote: "As I have said before, this is not about Democrats, it is about democracy". Some Democrats have tried talking Green out of his plan.

There will be no vote directly on the resolution, so the vote to table is effectively the vote on impeachment - some Democrats are expected to ignore leadership and oppose tabling but it's unclear how many will do so.

Green's impeachment articles cite incidents including Trump's defense of protesters after a rally of white supremacists at this year's riot and deadly vehicle attack in Charlottesville, Virginia; his recent sharing of hateful, anti-Muslim videos posted online by a fringe British extremist group; his efforts to ban Muslim immigrants; and his opposition to letting transgender people serve in the military.

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