Published: Fri, December 08, 2017
IT | By Lester Massey

Facebook Messenger app to add live streaming and more games in 2018

Facebook Messenger app to add live streaming and more games in 2018

Of those games, 200 million minutes have been used collecting cherries, apples and zapping ghosts in Pacman, while more than 692 million words have been created in Words With Friends.

San Francisco: More than a year after launching "Instant Games" - a new platform for gaming with friends on the Messenger chat app, Facebook has announced support for live streaming via Facebook Live and video chatting with fellow gamers.

Facebook rolled out its Instant Games platform past year to developers so they could create gaming activities for Messenger and the platform's News Feed. With an over 1.3 Billion users on the Facebook Messenger App the numbers after one year of games being available are astounding. Then you simply press "Start Live Video" and the stream will start. "To the people who continue to enjoy, share, compete and challenge themselves and their friends to games on Messenger, thanks for playing and game on".

The company is bringing its Facebook Live capabilities into Instant Games, allowing users to live stream their games with their friends and family. Just like any post the video can be deleted at any time.

Meanwhile, the social media giant also announced additions to "Instant Games" with a handful of big-name mobile titles that will be "re-imagined" for the platform.

Messenger's move to enter the live streaming space follows efforts already led by YouTube and Twitch, but their main focus is on the casual gamers, at least for now.

Finally, Messenger is adding the option to play games with your friends while you're video chatting with them. The feature will allow friends to video chat while simultaneously playing a game against each other. By the looks of things, this one will roll out title per title, since the first one slated to get it is none other thanWords with Friends.

New games include the ever-popular Angry Birds from CoolGames, the same developers as the recently added Tetris, which will launch globally in early 2018. Sonic Jump from SEGA Games Co.

Disney Tsum Tsum, published by LINE and launching in 2018, will bring beloved Disney characters to Messenger as players collect, connect and pop Tsum Tsum based on the popular Disney Tsum Tsum plushes.

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