Published: Thu, December 07, 2017
IT | By Lester Massey

Fargo group protests, raises awareness on net neutrality

Fargo group protests, raises awareness on net neutrality

Net Neutrality is the regulation of the internet.

Against Me!, Bassnectar, Colin Hay, Atmosphere, the Glitch Mob and Run the Jewels' Trackstar the DJ were also among the signers of the open letter, which argued that killing net neutrality would allow "telecom giants" to monopolize internet access as well as be the arbiters of what is accessible.

A potential repeal could mean service providers could choose which websites can be accessed faster, and slow down others.

But for some small businesses struggling to succeed, the new law could be the kiss of death, as traffic is moved away from their sites and toward their big-spending competitors. They can not discriminate by speeding up or slowing down traffic or blocking content, applications, or websites you want to use.

"As of right now, the Chairman of the FCC has said that these protests and all the emails he's received really haven't made a difference for him yet, but we have to keep our voices heard", said Hoye. Rosenworcel had already called to delay the vote in order to ensure that there had been enough time for the American people to speak up and for the FCC to consider the public response.

Once again, the USA government is attempting to strip the taxpayers of our assets.

Cramer issued a statement on Tuesday, saying: the rules "give the government too much control over the internet and it creates an inconsistent framework of winners and losers". The public relies on the Internet for many important daily functions, including educational research and political organizing.

Please join one of the many protests happening this Thursday, Dec. 7, nationwide by joining our local protest at the Napa Verizon store.

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