Published: Sun, December 17, 2017
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

First Same-Sex Couple Legally Marries In Australia

First Same-Sex Couple Legally Marries In Australia

Australia has been introduced to our first official Mrs and Mrs, after a NSW couple made history by having the country's first legal same-sex wedding.

Lauren, who's family live in Wales in the United Kingdom, had already organised for her relatives to come to Australia to attend her and Amy's civil ceremony, so when the law changed, she was granted an exception, and much to the couple's joy, the ceremony became a legal wedding.

Births, Deaths and Marriages gave the couple permission to Wednesday on Monday in light of Ms Willow's circumstances.

They asked for an exemption from the notice period due to the fact Lauren's Welsh family had already booked tickets for the ceremony.

They were pronounced wife and wife in a historic moment beneath a floral arch at Macarthur Park in Camden, south of Sydney.

Equal Marriage Australia spokesperson Ben Cooper said it was the dawn of a new age.

Their surprise wedding at Carlton Gardens came about because the couple had a commitment ceremony planned for this weekend. To all the same-sex couples who finally have the opportunity for their love to be legally recognised: congratulations, mates.

They were allowed to have a legal marriage on financial grounds and because their families had travelled from overseas. By coincidence, both already had the same surname.

There was supposed to be a 30-day waiting period after couples registered to marry, with the first weddings expected on January 9.

After a long debate, marriage equality has passed Australia's House of Representatives.

"I don't even know if I'll make it to Christmas, let alone January 9, so they allowed us to get married early", Ms Willow told AAP on Friday.

Jason Chapman added: "Relentless dedication from so many over the last fifty years have led us to enjoy this handsome moment of equality".

The couple met three years ago at a pub in Sydney's CBD and have been engaged for two years, after Price proposed atop the Eiffel Tower, said news reports.

"It means our relationship won't just be tolerated, it will be accepted".

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