Published: Mon, December 04, 2017
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

GOP's Unholy Alliance: Trump-McConnell-Moore-Kochs

GOP's Unholy Alliance: Trump-McConnell-Moore-Kochs

"No to Jones, a Pelosi/Schumer Puppet!"

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) appeared to soften his stance on Moore, perhaps a sign that he is coming around to the president's insistence that Republicans need all the votes they can get-even if one of them is coming from a man who has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman when she was 14. Trump wrote, referring to Democratic congressional leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

Moore has denied the allegations and said they are politically motivated.

While the Alabama Republican Party has also backed Moore for the December 12 election, fellow Republicans in the U.S. Senate have continued to distance themselves despite holding a narrow 52-48 majority in the chamber. "Jones would be a disaster!" "He shot way up in the polls but it wasn't enough". We don't need a liberal person in there, a Democrat, Jones.

It was Mr Trump's most vocal endorsement of Mr Moore, who has lost the backing of many top Republicans since he was hit with allegations of sexual misconduct decades ago.

"Well, he denies it", Trump said. But the president in recent days has raised doubts about the allegations against Moore, and he has agreed to headline a campaign-style rally in Pensacola, Florida - less than 20 miles from the Alabama border - just four days before the Alabama election.

"He says it didn't happen, and you know, you have to listen to him also", he added.

Trump himself has been accused of misconduct by several women, ranging from groping to unwanted advances and kissing, though these did not prevent his election a year ago. White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders has said the administration's position is that all of Trump's accusers are lying.

"When allegations rise 38 years later, when Roy Moore has been a very public figure for the past 38 years, he's run multiple times statewide in Alabama, the people of Alabama need to choose and make decisions about Roy Moore's character, that there are certain questions that come about the timing of these allegations", he said.

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