Published: Fri, December 08, 2017
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'Justice League' is the highest-grossing DC film ever in China

'Justice League' is the highest-grossing DC film ever in China

Berg is said to be segueing into a role as producer for Warner Bros., working alongside The Lego Movie and It producer Roy Lee.

Does this indicate a positive turn of events in the DCEU, or are you anxious that Warner Bros. might dilute a brand that's already having an identity crisis by shifting it under a single WB production banner? Warner on the hunt to replace Berg and is expected to tap someone new to run point on the DC Films sector to aid Johns in his work.

Johns will remain chief creative officer for DC, said the person, who asked not to be identified discussing private information.

"This is something that Jon approached me about six months ago, and he expressed his goal was to ultimately be a producer at the studio", said Emmerich in a statement.

Aside from the Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman and the recent success of Fox's Deadpool and Logan, R-rated superhero films are extremely hard to come by, because studios want to ensure the biggest box office gross from the broadest audience possible.

On the whole, "Justice League" has earned a total of $572,064,849 from its combined domestic and worldwide ticket sales. An early version, directed by Zack Snyder, alarmed studio executives with its dark tone. After his daughter committed suicide, Snyder eventually left the production before it underwent costly re-shoots. It appears Warner Bros. share the same opinion, and the studio has begun a huge shake-up a mere twenty days after the film hit cinema screens.

The article goes on to suggest other contributing factors towards the reshuffle, and that in all likelihood Zack Snyder will not direct another DC movie. In fact, many reviews were particularly harsh about Steppenwolf, criticizing the character for being one-note and the product of unconvincing visual effects. They are also upset that each new DC film seems to be making less money than the one that proceeded it. Flashpoint is also reportedly moving forward, although a director still hasn't been named for the Flash movie. The studio is "still developing a standalone Flash feature".

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