Published: Tue, December 05, 2017
IT | By Lester Massey

Newsroom - Travel Smart with Smart Bags - American Airlines Group, Inc

Newsroom - Travel Smart with Smart Bags - American Airlines Group, Inc

According to, American Airlines is the first carrier to take a stand against the high-tech suitcases, saying that any piece of luggage containing a lithium-ion battery that can't be removed would not be permitted as a checked bag starting January 15.

From 15 Jan 2018, passengers travelling with a "smart bag" must remove the battery if they want to place it in the cabin hold as they "pose a risk", reports the airline following internal analysis of the bags.

The devices, some of which can even propel themselves via a battery-powered motor, have become increasingly popular for their suite of internet-connected features such as Global Positioning System tracking for lost bags.

"Smart baggage" has been touted as the next great thing in luggage - battery-powered bags that are self-propelled, can be tracked by Global Positioning System, have built-in digital scales, and can be used to charge laptops, phones, and other devices.

If hold check-in is required and the battery can not be removed, the bag will not be permitted onboard.

FAA rules already forbid passengers from checking any extra lithium ion batteries and instead insist that they be included in carry-on luggage. Not only has the Federal Aviation Administration banned spare lithium-ion batteries in checked luggage, but many airlines have also shunned items with the power source, including hoverboards and certain cell phones.

American Airlines to impose new rules for passengers carrying "smart bags".

"We understand that there are some airport security concerns about travel technology and companies adhering to the various regulations and quality standards", Bluesmart said.

But they may not be able to fly under rules announced by USA airlines this week.

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