Published: Thu, December 14, 2017
Research | By Raquel Erickson

NHMC: We're Suing FCC Over Net Neutrality Rule Rollback

NHMC: We're Suing FCC Over Net Neutrality Rule Rollback

Eighteen state attorneys general on Wednesday asked the Federal Communications Commission to postpone a planned vote on net neutrality until investigators have weeded out fake comments submitted to the agency about its proposed rollback.

With federal regulators poised to repeal net neutrality rules this week, your internet service provider would be allowed to speed up delivery of some online content to your home or phone.

Apple Inc's co-founder Steve Wozniak and internet pioneers Tim Berners-Lee and Vinton Cerf joined several other technology titans in a letter on Monday asking the FCC to cancel the vote.

The rules were originally approved in 2015 under Obama-appointed FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, and were designed with the intention of creating a level playing field on the internet by preventing internet service providers from slowing down, blocking or charging more for certain types of content. The agency is expected to repeal the rules on a 3-2 party line vote. The FCC and Breitbart News's Allum Bokhari explained that under net neutrality, content providers such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter serve as a greater threat to internet censorship compared to ISPs.

However, wrote Attorney General TJ Donovan, "A free and open internet is the lifeblood of modern commerce, and consumers expect transparency and fairness when they go online".

Pai's proposal is "like letting the bullies develop their own playground rules", said Senator Ed Markey, a Massachusetts Democrat.

He supports Pai's plan, arguing net neutrality is holding the internet back. "By handing over control of the Internet to powerful corporations, this Trump FCC will stymie our voices and our opportunities", Scurato said.

Comcast said on Wednesday that "despite repeated distortions and biased information, as well as misguided, inaccurate attacks from detractors, our Internet service is not going to change".

The FCC rejected previous calls to delay the vote and will likely not change its position on the matter.

"Washington state will act under our own authority and under our own laws and under our own jurisdiction to protect the very important measure of net neutrality for all Washington citizens", he said.

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