Published: Tue, December 05, 2017
IT | By Lester Massey

Nintendo-NVIDIA Partnership Focus On Games For NVIDIA Shield In China

Nintendo-NVIDIA Partnership Focus On Games For NVIDIA Shield In China

The surprising news was confirmed by Daniel Ahmad on Twitter who shared the official trailer for the Nvidia Shield in China.

There are still no news regarding the Nintendo Switch Virtual Console, but it seems like Nintendo hasn't been completely idle lately, as Wii and GameCube games will soon be made available on modern devices. And the gaming-focused device will come with remastered versions of Nintendo titles from the earlier Wii and GameCube platforms. Twilight Princess, and Punch-Out! right away, with other games including Super Mario Galaxy set for future release.

Nintendo games have, officially, come to the Nvidia Shield TV in China.

Though these releases are limited to China, the very fact that first-party Nintendo games are up and running in HD on the Shield TV will no doubt intrigue fans elsewhere.

Nintendo hasn't released the Switch in China, and historically doesn't directly offer its consoles for sale in the market; a subsidiary called iQue has handled China-specific variants of handheld consoles as well as a version of the N64 back in 2003.

Here is some gameplay of Twilight Princess running on Nvidia Shield. Granted the Nvidia Shield isn't available officially in India, but with the GeForce Now streaming service already accessible in India complete with local billing options, it isn't too absurd a prospect.

The companies have yet not clarified how the games will be updated for the Shield. Given how hard it is to sell consoles in China, it would appear that Nintendo is using smart devices like the Nvidia Shield to crack the market and sell its games.

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