Published: Fri, December 15, 2017
IT | By Lester Massey

Nintendo Reportedly Seeking New Partners to Make More Mobile Games

Nintendo Reportedly Seeking New Partners to Make More Mobile Games

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp seems to have won over far-less people too with the game being fairly simple and having quite a repetitive gameplay loop, however since launch Nintendo have begun a number of in-game events, one for the holidays, another for adding friends.

Nintendo has no doubt been dominating the video gaming landscape with its Switch console. However, it looks like the Japanese gaming firm is planning to ramp up its mobile games development by partnering with more developers.

Puzzle and Dragons developer GungHo Online is among the companies Nintendo is said to be in talks with. The failure to meet this goal is likely what led Nintendo to start looking at partnering with new mobile developers, as well as the growth of the mobile game industry as a whole. Originally, Nintendo has stated that with the help of DeNA, a total of five video game titles will see their release on Apple and Android app marketplaces by March of 2017. Despite a GungHo spokeswoman declining that talks with Nintendo haven't occurred, they have already released versions of "Puzzles & Dragons" on the 3DS eShop in the past and was even allowed to use characters from the Mario franchise.

To date, there's no definite news on which companies Nintendo has spoken to, or if there's any movement in this new initiative.

Nintendo reportedly looking for new partners in mobile games development. The first game, Miitomo, was pushed back from October that year to 2016 and all other subsequent releases except for Super Mario Run saw a delay in some respect before launch.

But despite the huge numbers, Pocket Camp is unlikely to see the same success of Nintendo's other mobile applications like Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem: Heroes. The game took the top spot in the top 20 free games for the iPad and iPhone for the year.

Unlike its partnership with DeNA, which involved purchasing a 10% ownership stake, the report states that Nintendo doesn't have any intentions in investing in these future partners.

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