Published: Tue, December 05, 2017
Research | By Raquel Erickson

OnePlus 5T's Dash Charging is faster than that of Apple's latest iPhones

OnePlus 5T's Dash Charging is faster than that of Apple's latest iPhones

After all, no one wants to be a "wall-hugger" and keep waiting for their smartphone to fully charge.

If you were wondering which phone charges the fastest, the guys over at Tom's Guide have answered that question for you. In terms of support out of the box, the Android flagships already have a clear leg up. A thing that was considered here is the fact that Apple requires users to pay extra for a 29 Watt power adapter and a USB Type C-to-lightning cable to enable fast charging.

When Tom's Guide charged the standard AC plug that came with the iPhones, the results were miserable.

The test by Tom's Guide is pretty basic - you charge while the phone is on, but with the screen turned off, from zero percent. In a recent test by some experts, One Plus 5T is proved to have the fast charging capability through its dash charging cable.

For our first round of testing, we wanted to find what battery percentage these phones could reach in 30 minutes of charging with their included adapters.

While smartphone vendors like Apple, LG, and Samsung lately ventured in the growing space of fast charging, it has been found through a new study that the Dash Charge technology on the OnePlus 5T outpaces the competition by offering fastest charging time.

It seems OnePlus 5T managed to handily beat its rivals in both the 30 and 60-minute rounds.

As for the American flagship, the figures were 50% and 81%, respectively.

Finally, the Pixel 2 nabbed the sixth spot and the Galaxy Note 8 the seventh.

However, the same report suggested that the charging time of these iPhones charge slower than the rest of the field when charged with the included adapter with the iPhone X reaching only 17 percent in 30 minutes. Moreover, the Pixel 2 reached 38 percent, while the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 added 35 percent of power in the 30-minute span.

However Apple should work more in order to compete with other Android devices in fast charging.

The first round involved charging each of the smartphones for 30 minutes each to see how quickly the phones juiced up in the first half hour of charging. OnePlus may have been derided for cloning the iPhone's design, but it definitely doesn't imitate the handset series when it comes to charging.

We've always been convinced that OnePlus had a great thing on their hands when they discovered and launched DASH Charge technology with the OnePlus 3.

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