Published: Tue, December 05, 2017
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Parents express outrage after girl kills herself, leaves journal about bullying

Parents express outrage after girl kills herself, leaves journal about bullying

Though previous reports indicated that the teen was taken off of life support on December 1, KCBS wrote that she will be taken off of life support Monday evening and her organs will be donated.

"My daughter is a victim of bullying", Rosalie's mother Charlene Avila wrote on the GoFundMe crowdfunding site, in which she sought money for funeral and medical expenses.

"One of the notes said, 'Sorry, Mom and Dad, ' and then there was another note that said, 'Sorry, Mom, that you're going to find me like this", he told NBC News.

Rosalie Avila, an eighth grader at Mesa View Middle School, was found hanging in her bedroom last week.

"I will not let Rosie's name die in vain because that child should have never had to go through what she went through", said parent Robert Ellis.

"She kept a journal or a diary of the people who hurt her and people that called her ugly and just putting her down", shared Rosalie's mother. "The braces are going to come off", and she said, "Yeah, but my teeth are straight and they're still making fun of me'".

- A Riverside County family is in mourning after their 13-year-old daughter hanged herself following what they say was years of bullying. According to the New York Post, the parents received a meme via social media taunting them over their daughter's death. Right underneath, the meme reads "Tuck me in THIS", next to an open grave with Rosalie's face photo shopped onto a boy's body, which is pointing at the open grave. One family member alleged the school district was aware Avila had been bullied for years. "I woke up and there was screaming", father Freddie said, remembering the moment he discovered what his daughter had done.

She has been on life support for a almost a week and her parents had planned to turn it off on Monday night. They said they believed their daughter was a victim of bullying after reading her note. "I had no clue that suicide was even close to her mind". She was a attractive person inside and out. Charlene said Rosalie's five brothers and siblings are traumatized and can't stand to be home, because their last memory of Rosalie is of her after she hanged herself in her room. She was a great artist, very lovable & loving. She's very smart and always had good grades...

A vigil was held at Mesa View Middle School to remember Rosalie, who the family described as "a attractive person inside and out", a "great artist, very lovable & loving", and "very smart and always had good grades" in a GoFundMe set up to help them cover burial costs. She was a lovely person inside and out.

"No one can fathom the heartbreak and confusion that we are certain many of our students and families are feeling right now", the school said on the statement. She was daddy's girl and mommy's princess. Her dream was to become a lawyer so she could make the world a better place. "The world lost a treasure".

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