Published: Mon, December 18, 2017
IT | By Lester Massey

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Sells 1 Million Copies On Xbox One In 48 Hours

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Sells 1 Million Copies On Xbox One In 48 Hours

Microsoft has a console exclusive for the time being, though there are still rumors of a PlayStation 4 version coming at some indistinct point in the future. Winner, winner, something something.

In other PUBG news, PlayerUnknown himself Brendan Greene tweeted over the weekend that the Xbox version of the hit Battle Royale game launched last week managed to snare a million users in its first 48 hours of being available through the Xbox Game Preview program.

PUBG is due to go live on PC in just four days from now, while it is unclear yet how long it will take for Bluehole to reach version 1.0 on Xbox One.

Some might say that "a little rough" is quite the understatement from PLAYERUNKNOWN as it pertains to the current state of PUBG on Xbox One, but he does have a point when he says that at the beginning of Steam Early Access the game was rough, too, and it has been significantly improved since.

Front and center is how much Gamerscore you racked up in 2017, as well as how many hours you poured into individual games and genres.

Nevertheless, more than a million Xbox One gamers are willing to put up with all of the hiccups and haphazards, and slapdashery that come with PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' Game Preview launch. You can see the comparisons below. So more people will start playing this game on their respective smartphones and can test out the actual gameplay of the real PUBG game. The feature has found much favour among streamers - and PUBG is now one of the most-streamed games in the world.

Taking a look at your Xbox Year in Review might just confirm the suspicions you already had.

Microsoft recently released the Xbox One control scheme for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, and it looks rather complicated as the functions of each button changes depending on the situation. Meanwhile, if you have anything to ask, let us know in the comments section given below this post.

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