Published: Thu, December 14, 2017
Research | By Raquel Erickson

Reddit announces partnership with Bing and Microsoft for AI tools

Reddit announces partnership with Bing and Microsoft for AI tools

The capabilities, a large collection of individually minor updates and new stuff, are part of an effort by the Windows giant to translate its machine-learning research work into things that will actually matter for day-to-day users.

"Partnering with Microsoft fits perfectly with Cheetah's mission to make the world smarter and power our mobile apps with AI technologies".

At Microsoft's AI conference in San Francisco, the company revealed that Bing would be graced with new "intelligent search" and "conversational search" features. Microsoft says its search engine will now provide users with comprehensive and complete information on their search queries, thanks to its new AI-powered Intelligent Search features.

Microsoft is continuing to add more AI-centric functionality to Cortana.

Google may be the household name when it comes to search, but Microsoft is hoping it can make its Bing search engine the smartest. It will do this by adding prompts to extract more information from the users. Software-based virtual assistant usage, including Amazon Alexa, Google Now and Microsoft's Cortana, was predicted to grow 23.1% in 2017.

Bing pro-kale vs anti-kale
Microsoft's Kristin Behr shows how Bing search results show different views on kale- beyond"yuck. Stephen Shankland CNET

To ensure users are comfortable with the search results they receive from Bing, the search engine will now show multiple perspectives and multiple sources, culled from a list of preapproved news sources.

Bing users whose queries are best answered with relevant Reddit conversations will see those conversations at the top of the page. The productivity suite has been updated with a ton of features including Insights in Excel-a new service that is claimed to automatically highlight patterns from the data making it easier to analyse.

Intelligent Image Search is a pretty interesting evolution, allowing users to dive into searches so that you cannot only find a photo of a celebrity but you can find more images of a piece of jewelry they are wearing. In addition to these, Cortana will also provide event reminders and nearby restaurant recommendations within Launcher's user interface. Acronyms will scan through documents and emails and provide definitions for terms that have previously been defined.

New features for Cortana include the ability for the digital assistant to sort and summarize important emails across both Gmail and Outlook accounts. This feature will roll out to Word Online for Office 365 commercial subscribers in 2018. Tap - a new feature in Word - will help users to find relevant documents, spreadsheets and other relevant information without having to exit a Word document.

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