Published: Tue, December 05, 2017
IT | By Lester Massey

Reliance JioPhone gets Google Voice Assistant: All you need to know

Reliance JioPhone gets Google Voice Assistant: All you need to know

"For them, Android Oreo (Go edition) will help improve the experience on entry-level phones while new apps like Files Go will ensure their experience is smooth and they consume less data", he said. The first announcement was the launch of Android Oreo (Go Edition).

Enter Google's "partners' phones running Android Oreo (Go edition)" in "early 2018", as well as a "core" app called Google Go, available today in India and Indonesia as a preview on the local Play Store.

The company has also worked with Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Jio to bring a customised version of Google Assistant (virtual assistant) to the latter's smart feature phones.

The user interface is "tap-first" to make typing on a small phone less cumbersome than usual, with the app's under 5MB size and various optimizations created to save both storage and data consumption.

This 4G-enabled feature phone will come with Assistant installed out of the box with all of its typical capabilities and integrations, although with a limited interface which is better suited to fit the 2.4-inch display. The feature is specially built for India and is available in both Hindi and English.

Similarly, apps like Files Go can be used for identifying and deleting files which take up a lot of storage. Google also claims that the pre-installed suite of apps which will ship with Android Go powered smartphones will take up nearly 50 percent less space.

"Hello Jio" mimics the popular Google Assistant by carrying out users' voice commands. The two-wheeler mode gives you unique shortcuts through traffic which are not available for cars.

"Then you have those who are just adopting Internet".

Despite the growing prevalence of smartphones, hundreds of millions of people still use feature phones, which don't run Android, but do feature internet connectivity. By making Google Assistant available on JioPhones, Google can reach customers it wouldn't have otherwise.

Lastly, Google is also planning to introduce bill payments to the Tez digital payments app. Once you make the payment it shall also save the details of the payment and remind you about the pending bill for next month.

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