Published: Sat, December 09, 2017
IT | By Lester Massey

Sea of Thieves Gets a Limited Edition Xbox One Controller

Sea of Thieves Gets a Limited Edition Xbox One Controller

After years of gameplay demos and trailers, Rare's pirate-themed MMO Sea of Thieves is finally coming out.

Among all of the announcements and new trailers during the Game Awards last night, one announcement slightly flew under the radar, that of a final release date confirmation for Rare's anticipated pirate party, Sea of Thieves.

The platform holder confirmed a release date for Sea of Thieves of March 20. This DLC pack contains specially designs items and clothes and a chance to gain early access to the game via a closed beta.

In addition to this reveal, Rare also announced that pre-ordering has opened and that you can purchase a sick-looking limited edition Sea of Thieves controller for $74.99. The game has been in an alpha testing phase since past year, with the developer gathering feedback from prospecting pirates keen on gathering up some treasure. From the fantastic feedback received during the Technical Alpha to support during shows and conventions, Sea of Thieves is a testament to the incredible fans who have invested in this world with us.

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