Published: Fri, December 08, 2017
Sport | By Wilson Duncan

Steelers Mike Mitchell speaks out on confusion over National Football League rules

Steelers Mike Mitchell speaks out on confusion over National Football League rules

Mitchell pointed out that some of the illegal hits result from quarterbacks throwing an inaccurate pass that forces a receiver to dive, resulting in the player being hit in the head. Because now I don't gotta wear heavy sh-t.

Legendary Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis said Thursday on Undisputed that due to the threat of fines and suspensions for the type of hits that coaches would celebrate, defenders don't know how to play anymore within the rules. But Mitchell was emphatic that situations like that are in the nature of the game. He was also hit for $48,000 for his Week 6 hit on Kansas City Chiefs running back Charcandrick West. Make that make sense. My nephew goes to school there and I take all that personally. "You know what's going to happen with repetitive head trauma". I'll leave that one for you to decide, Nation. He also called former QB and current ESPN analyst Matt Hasselbeck an asshole, although that's neither here nor there. The same Roger Goodell, who mere hours later, signed a 5-year, $200 million contract extension to remain commissioner of the league through 2023.

"Make it viral #FireGoodell #MakeFootballFootballAgain #FreeJuju", Mitchell tweeted.

Are players really this dumb?

Former Giant Osi Umenyiora thinks people who have a problem with the National Football League fining and suspending head-hunting players need to have their own heads examined.

"But let's not try to turn football into a unsafe, barbaric game". Long time hope all is well with you!

Smith-Schuster will now have to serve the same punishment as New England Patriots superstar tight end Rob Gronkowski, whose blatant cheap shot on Buffalo Bills cornerback Tre'Davious was, by far, the dirtiest hit the league has seen all year.

"I didn't think it was warranted", Roethlisberger told reporters. For people watching, I think human beings have a propensity to like violence. You're a "little kid" unless you feel like subjecting your brain to potentially life-altering contact?

Although former NFL player Jon Runyan handed out the one-game suspension to Smith-Schuster, Foster said Goodell remains the league's enforcer. It wasn't away from the ball, wasn't a hit on a kicker, a defenseless player, it was a guy getting ready to make a tackle; a much bigger football player. Lumped together, one of the three suspensions was not like the other (the Gronk one), yet they all warranted the same discipline. "But that's above all of our pay grades".

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