Published: Wed, December 06, 2017
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Terry Crews sues Hollywood agent who allegedly groped him

Terry Crews sues Hollywood agent who allegedly groped him

The former National Football League player-turned-actor filed a lawsuit against Adam Venit, a prominent agent who Crews claims grabbed his genitals during a party in February 2016, TMZ reported.

Terry Crews filed a lawsuit against WME agent Adam Venit for allegedly sexually assaulting him a year ago.

No additional details about the suit were immediately available.

Crews' agent works at the same agency as Venit.

Crews says he told his then-agent Brad Slater of the assault the next day but WME took no action.

The lawsuit also asserts Sandler called Crews later the night, and both men expressed how stunned they were by Venit's alleged misconduct.

Crews, star of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, states in the lawsuit that he is seeking to hold Venit and WME accountable for the alleged February 4, 2016 sexual assault by Venit on Crews on.

The actor believes WME has ignored Venit's "long history of freaky behavior" and predatory acts because of the agent's success in representing A-list clients like Adam Sandler, Casey Affleck and Dustin Hoffman. "He's grabbing my nuts", court documents say.

According to TMZ, the lawsuit also says that Venit stared at Crews "like a rabid dog, sticking his tongue in and out of his mouth provocatively". Crews said after the alleged assault he pushed Venit away, and turned to Adam Sandler yelling, "Adam, come get your boy!"

Crews says he met with WME's chairman Ari Emanuel, who apologized for Venit's behavior. No word how much in damages the actor is seeking. Crews says Emanuel also assured him that he shouldn't fear retaliation, assert Venit "did not have the level of power despite his title as head of the Motion Picture Department".

Sexual assault is wrong no matter the gender of the victim or the assaulter.

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