Published: Sun, December 17, 2017
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Who is Akayed Ullah, the suspect in Port Authority explosion terror attack?

Who is Akayed Ullah, the suspect in Port Authority explosion terror attack?

The FDNY however reported shortly after 9 a.m. that there four non-life threatening injuries reported at the scene of the incident.

Officials added that he assembled the crude device in his apartment.

An alleged explosion at the 42nd and 8th Avenue subway stations is causing subway diversions and a preliminary investigation by New York Police Department.

A Bangladesh police chief told Reuters that Ullah had no criminal record there and had last visited Bangladesh in September.

NY has been rocked by news of an explosion, believed to be a terror attack, at its main Manhattan bus terminal, which prompted a mass panic and stampede, according to reports.

Ullah had a black cab/limousine driver's license from 2012 to 2015, after which it expired, the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission said.

Authorities said it was unclear if the man planned for the device to explode where it did or if he had another target.

"From what I saw it sounded like it came from the subway, but I'm just guessing", he said. He said there was "no credible and specific threat directed at New York City right now".

He may have been recently working at an electrical company, according to the New York Post. Three commuters suffered minor injuries, while the alleged attacker's injuries were more severe.

Police respond to an explosion near Times Square on Monday, Dec. 11, 2017, in Manhattan.

The station is one of the busiest commuter hubs during rush hour, APA reported citing CNN. "Everybody was scared and running and shouting". But streets quickly began returning to normal. What we know about suspect in NYC bus terminal terror attackHe is alert and conscious, but badly injured at Bellevue Hospital, sources say. He is said to be of Bangladeshi origin and has lived in the United States for the past seven years. There is a heavy police presence in the area surrounding the terminal. On a typical weekday, about 220,000 passengers arrive or depart on more than 7,000 buses. Some subway cars that were en route to the area had to be evacuated as law enforcement swarmed the Port Authority station.

The incident rippled through American financial markets, briefly weakening equity markets as they were starting trading for the week and giving a modest lift to safe-haven assets such as US Treasuries.

On the West Coast, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation authority asked law enforcement for heightened security along bus and rail lines as a precaution. On Oct. 31, a man drove a rented truck onto a bike path near the World Trade Center, killing eight people. In it, a man walks through the crowded pedestrian tunnel and the bomb suddenly goes off in a plume of white smoke.

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