Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
Research | By Raquel Erickson

After Logan Paul incident, Google Preferred YouTube videos will face further vetting

After Logan Paul incident, Google Preferred YouTube videos will face further vetting

YouTube has chose to cut ties with Logan Paul following a firestorm of criticism over the vlogger's controversial Japan "Suicide Forest" video. He has been stripped of several projects he has with the video streaming giant.

The popular video platform has now removed Paul from Google Preferred, a program created to ensure that brands sell its ads alongside the top 5 percent of YouTube's content creators. "Additionally, we will not feature Logan in season 4 of "Foursome" and his new Originals are on hold," Alphabet Inc's YouTube, said in a statement.

Paul, who has not responded publicly to any statements released by YouTube or Japanese officials, has made a decision to take some time off to reflect on his offensive behavior.

"We've put all his projects on hold indefinitely, and we'll see in the future", Kyncl said. The video eventually amassed millions of views and landed on YouTube's Trending page before Paul removed it amidst backlash from the community.

Furthermore, by removing Paul from the Google Preferred program, he will not be able to sell ads, which means that there YouTube has effectively stripped him of his ability to earn money through their platform.

Representatives for Paul did not immediately return requests from Reuters for comment.

As expected, YouTube took action to penalize Logan Paul for the gruesome suicide video.

It's now unclear how the most popular YouTubers will be affected by this change and if any will speak out if and when their channels experience flagging, demonetization, or other actions from YouTube. In his recent trip to Japan, he featured an iconic place that was infamously known for being a popular suicide spot.

Now, Japanese authorities who have viewed his other videos have discovered that Paul could be charged with at least four different crimes: public indecency, interference with business operations, destruction of property, and countless traffic violations. Social media reacted with outrage when Paul laughed throughout the distressing situation.

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