Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
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Akash Dadlani out of Bigg Boss

Akash Dadlani out of Bigg Boss

Getting at it, Vikas wished to spray on Akash's bald head and destroy his favourite shoes. Vikas dumps the bucket of green slime on Akash instead.

Hina's photo comes out next and the contestants suggest their ideas to Arshi. Hina begs Shilpa not to break her mug but Shilpa doesn't listen to her.

The voting trends are surprising as Vikas Gupta is lagging behind Hina Khan, while many had considered him the victor.

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We had seen Bani J in the last season of Bigg Boss.

Next is Puneesh. Vikas wins the task by waxing Puneesh's legs and chest. Bigg Boss wakes the contestants up at midnight and tells them to come to the garden area.

He adds, "But they all loved me, too". Puneesh also hugs everyone and tells them that he will miss them. This was after Akash Dadlani was voted out on Wednesday night in a midweek elimination. All cheer with 'Bang Bang' as Akash leaves the house.

After Akash Dadlani's mid-week eviction, only top four contestants-Vikas Gupta, Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan and Puneesh Shama are left inside the house.

When asked about the weird things that he did inside the house, Akash told HT, "I was doing everything for the show, trust me". But in real life I need support for my work. One of his recent tweets read: SHILPA FANS remember all are deserving but Shilpa "JEETEGI"! Even though her friends had helped her a number of times, she has proved that she is friends for none and can turn her back on her "friends" when required! And if he goes on to win the show, it would be only because of how he has played the game.

Shilpa was approached for the show due to the Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai controversy that had landed her in massive trouble. Talking about the deserving candidate and her tweets, she said, "I have a genuine amusing side to me, which comes out while I watch the show". Some people understand and appreciate my sense of humour and some definitely don't get even close to understanding it. All I know is that she fit the role perfectly. Take it or leave it. He added, "I am excited about the song; it has come out really well".

Vikas is one of the strongest contestants of the house and has good chances of winning the show.

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