Published: Sun, January 21, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Al Pacino Gets Cornered in First 'Paterno' Teaser Trailer

Al Pacino Gets Cornered in First 'Paterno' Teaser Trailer

A voice then asks, "Dad, did you know about Jerry?"

The 48-second trailer comes a week after HBO announced the movie would be released on its network in the spring.

"Paterno" will focus around the events that led to the downfall of disgraced Penn State football head coach Joe Paterno amid the Jerry Sandusky scandal which almost landed the death penalty for the program.

HBO released the first teaser trailer for their 2018 movie "Paterno" on Friday afternoon. In particular, the film will zero in on Paterno during the timeline of the Jerry Sandusky child sex-abuse scandal, which resulted in Paterno's firing in 2011.

Pacino said that the question swirling around Paterno 'isn't just what he knew, it's what he did about it.

The director/executive producer of the film is Barry Levinson, who's worked on other works such as "The Natural" and "Good Morning, Vietnam". Paterno died in 2012, shortly after the scandal died down. He knew there were rumors.

In the film, Riley Keough plays reporter Sara Ganim, who won a Pulitzer Prize for breaking the Sandusky story.

Paterno "did act upon" the rumblings he had heard and 'did say he thought someone should look into this, ' Pacino noted.

'Joe Paterno was known as an honorable man, an educator, a humanitarian, ' the filmmaker told the outlet.

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