Published: Fri, January 19, 2018
Research | By Raquel Erickson

DACA talks back to starting line after Trump meeting

DACA talks back to starting line after Trump meeting

Sanders tells reporters that Trump "hasn't said he didn't use strong language" in the meeting with bipartisan in the heated immigration debate last week. The White House did not initially deny that Trump had made the remark, but in subsequent days conflicting accounts emerged from participants in the meeting, and Trump tweeted that he had not used that word, but did use "tough" language.

While Trump's comments about Haiti and African nations being "sh*tholes" got all the media attention - with the Post now reporting Kelly didn't even blink when Trump said it - little has been reported on why Trump killed the deal which has infuriated Republicans and Democrats alike.

They were allowed to apply for deferral from deportation under an Obama-era program known as DACA, but Trump a year ago moved to phase out the protection, kicking the sensitive issue to Congress for a solution.

In an even less lucky turn of events, IL senator Dick Durbin-another one of the individuals in the room, who had confirmed reports that the president described African countries and Haiti as "shitholes", and who has since been labeled a liar by Trump-happens to sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Mr Trump has drawn criticism at home, from Republicans and Democrats, and overseas for the comments attributed to him.

Durbin of IL was the only Democrat at Thursday's meeting.

On Monday, Graham told a SC paper that his "memory hasn't evolved". Trump himself has acknowledged the oddity of their mutual affection; during a meeting with Republican lawmakers in early January, he remarked, "I really like Lindsey".

"We in NY understand the difference between those that oppose what Dr. King stood for and those that, in fact, make it happen", he said. Durbin said Graham used the president's own explicit words to criticize Trump.

"We want them to come in from everywhere", the president said when asked about immigration policy during an Oval Office meeting with Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

"Did you see what various senators in the room said about my comments?" he asked. Pictured from left to right: US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson; President Trump; US Secretary of Defence Jim Mattis; and US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross.

After greeting students at the Mikva Challenge MLK Youth Summit at Jones College Prep, Emanuel called it "a sad commentary - both on his words and his actions" that the president of the United States must "affirmatively declare" that he is not a racist.

"I was sitting no farther away from Donald Trump than Dick Durbin was, and I know what Dick Durbin has said about the president's repeated statements is incorrect", Cotton told "Face the Nation" host Jeff Dickerson.

"I know what I heard and I know what I said", Graham told reporters.

"I say this not just as a mayor who has a diverse city and a responsibility ... to have one city, one future. They said those words were used before those words went public", Flake said.

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