Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Donald Trump should apologize for remarks: African UN states

"I went to the Cairo school today and met with the sixth graders...they actually asked the question of the principal, 'is this school going to be here next year?'...if 180 families pick up and leave...what happens to the school district? What happens to the students that remain?" said Durbin.

The president suggested that instead, the US should allow more entrants from countries like Norway. Interfaith Breakfast in Chicago.

Durbin said the president "said these hate-filled things, and he said them repeatedly". "I use those words advisedly". I understand how powerful they are.

Farris Jr. participated in a White House event honoring his uncle on Friday and told CNN that Trump addressed the issue while in the Oval Office with Vice President Mike Pence and Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson before the ceremony. "You have seen the comments in the press". Some of them are his friends, and I can hear them now, telling me: 'Donald didn't mean that, ' 'Donald isn't a racist, ' 'I think it was taken out of context.'...

Furey first made a decision to pack up and leave St. John's when he saw news reports about the 2010 quake, and knew he could at least help people with some of their broken bones and other injuries.

"Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?" the Washington Post quoted him as saying. "What was really tough was the outlandish proposal made - a big setback for DACA!"

On Friday (local time) the President tweeted that his language was "tough" but insisted he did not say anything derogatory about Haiti aside from noting it's a poor country.

"I'm not surprised at the sentiment expressed - it's consistent with what he's said - but that he would do that knowing the fury it would cause" did astound him.

Trump previously told Haitian-Americans: "I really want to be your greatest champion, and I will be your champion", while he was campaigning a year ago in Miami's Little Haiti.

The president implied Friday morning on Twitter that maybe he should start recording meetings because there is no trust.

Haiti's ambassador in Washington has also asked for an apology, as Trump reportedly specifically questioned the protections granted to Haitian immigrants after the quake.

He has been backed by two Republicans who were at the White House meeting, but Democratic Senator Dick Durbin said Mr Trump called African countries "shitholes" several times and used "racist" language.

American diplomats scrambled Friday to salvage their nation's bonds with Africa, Haiti and even the celebrated "special relationship" with Britain after President Donald Trump, in the span of a few hours, deeply offended much of the world with the most undiplomatic of remarks.

Trump's political allies have been through this dance before, grappling with how to position themselves after a president whose supporters they covet stakes out controversial positions.

We shouldn't be evaluating immigrants on the basis of what they can do for us.

But including TPS beneficiaries in an immigration deal will require support from Republican leaders in Congress, who will be loath to disappoint Trump.

After its independence in 1804, Haiti was ostracized by nations, many of which allowed slavery, and were slow to formally establish diplomatic relations with black leaders. An utter embarrassment to our country & a direct attack on our founding principles.

But they also thanked those Americans "from all walks of life who have condemned the remarks".

The government in Botswana called Trump's comment "reprehensible and racist".

While condemning Trump's comment, one South Sudanese immigrant said the majority of Africans who come to the USA are hardworking and are looking to make a better life for themselves.

He believes the president's words could dash dreams.

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