Published: Tue, January 30, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

European Union states take just two minutes to agree United Kingdom transition terms

The Republican took a slight dig at his British counterpart, who he last week insisted he had a good relationship with, and said in an interview with ITV that he would not have negotiated over the Brexit vote in the same way that May had done.

"What is of interest to both parties is to have a fixed specific date to the transition period".

And trade deals with other non-EU countries and blocs, such as China, India, Australia, the Gulf countries, and the nations of Southeast Asia would add a further 0.1% to 0.4% to GDP over the long term - which we will finally be able to sign up to once we leave.

Britain has yet to come up with what it wants during the Brexit transition period, despite having debated its Brexit position for more than a year.

US President Donald Trump has warned the European Union to expect repercussions for its "very unfair" treatment of the US on trade.

Opposition Labour lawmaker Chris Leslie, part of the Open Britain group - the continuity Remain campaign from Britain's 2016 referendum on European Union membership - urged the government to make its assessment public.

Mr Lidington told BBC One's Andrew Marr Show: "Of course we will have the power to choose for ourselves whether or not to diverge once we have left the supranational legal structures of the EU".

The leaked report, titled "EU Exit Analysis - Cross Whitehall Briefing" and drawn up for the Department for Exiting the EU, is said to look at the likely impact of three of the most plausible Brexit scenarios.

Britain will have no say over setting these rules during this period.

Publication of the letter late Friday followed a speech by Brexit Minister David Davis, in which he admitted there were "different views" within the government over Britain's departure from the bloc.

Mr Davis conceded in his questioning from the Lords EU committee that "it's not exactly the same as membership, but it's very, very similar". "Britain will continue to have all the economic benefits, therefore it must apply all the rules".

A diplomatic row has broken out between Britain and the European Union over when the final Brexit deal needs to be reached.

That would force the United Kingdom to abide by all the bloc's rules - including freedom of movement - for at least 20 months after the expected official Brexit date.

But Irish European Affairs Minister Helen McEntee said Monday that "what we can not have is a position where the integrity of the single market, the customs union, is in any way undermined".

Even the softest Brexit option - remaining in the single market - would see growth decline by 2% over the same period, it found.

"The Council, meeting in EU27 format, adopted supplementing negotiating directives for the Brexit negotiations, which detail the EU27 position regarding a transition period". A full trade agreement is expected to be negotiated during the transition.

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