Published: Tue, January 30, 2018
Research | By Raquel Erickson

Facebook launches its own streaming platform

Facebook launches its own streaming platform

Over the last few years we've seen Facebook heavily lean into video with features for live streaming and content creation, and now the social network is expanding its reach into gaming-focused videos. That meant no streams on Twitch or YouTube and those that did attempt to broadcast the games on Twitch (a completely legal move in the eyes of Valve) found themselves on the receiving end of a DMCA from ESL. These days, Facebook is also targeting game streamers on platforms like Twitch and YouTube Gaming, hoping that they would transfer over to Facebook Live.

"There's a lot of work to be done, but we're committed to building the fundamental architecture that gaming creators need to be successful, starting with foundational elements like enabling all creators in the program to livestream in 1080p/60fps", the announcement says.

Facebook points to the success of gaming creators like StoneMountain64 (above), who has more than 1 million followers watching his Facebook Live streams of PUBG and Fortnite.

"We'll expand our fan support monetization initiatives to more gaming creators, including participants in our initial pilot program", Facebook said. One of the features that will be part of this new pilot program is to allow gamers to stream their content in Full HD 1080p at a buttery smooth 60fps (of course this will also be dependent on the streamer's hardware and internet). On Saturday the 27th at 5:15 PM Pacific, Facebook will host an event on Daybreak's H1Z1 Facebook page to bring dozens of these creators into the new program. This functionality includes fans making payments to creators during streams via the Facebook website.

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