Published: Mon, January 08, 2018
Research | By Raquel Erickson

Google Pay combines Google Wallet and Android Pay

Google Pay combines Google Wallet and Android Pay

Google offers various ways to pay for things on devices and the web, and all these transactions fall into one of several products buckets.

I know, I know, you want to ask why the hell did Google separate all of these years ago? Today marks a day where two different Google products are not only getting a name change, but are also getting consolidated into one new initiative. Just last month, Apple's rollout of Apple Pay Cash enabled iOS 11.2 users to make direct Venmo-style payments over iMessage with the same accounts they use for credit and debit transactions.

Over time, this should make buying and paying through Google less confusing - if you've saved your payment information in your Google account, you don't have to worry which app to use to access that information, because it's all under Google Pay.

Google Pay will be replacing Android Pay branding everywhere, including in first-party apps, like Chrome and YouTube, as well as third-party ones, like Fandango.

The new branding will roll out across Google and its partners over the next couple of weeks and can already be seen on the likes of Airbnb and Hungry House.

We started suspecting something was up a few days ago when readers began reaching out to say their Tap & Pay system settings were suddenly labeled "Google Pay".

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