Published: Thu, January 11, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Here's Why Monster Hunter

Here's Why Monster Hunter

The video games developer company Capcom revealed recently as to why its highly anticipated open-world adventure title, "Monster Hunter World", will be released on a later date for the PC.

In much stranger Monster Hunter news, a new World trailer features a odd clown pirate teaching players about the game's slide attacks. We want to get console out the door and then we're going to take some extra time and try and get the PC version as good as possible.

As reported by PC Gamer, Tsujimoto stated that "Monster Hunter World" is the first title in the series that will be released on the PC platform along with the other consoles.

What's more is that the latest Monster Hunter World trailer allows fans to bear witness to one of the most riveting aspects of the game, as it showcases how an area's ecology impacts the life of the monsters. Tsujimoto pointed out that unlike the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with their respective matchmaking servers, the PC is altogether much different unless the game is exclusively on Steam. As far as for consoles they already have an existing network for Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Monster Hunter World was originally announced at E3 past year, where it was confirmed for release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. What we want you to do is go back to your house and be like 'well, I've been using the great sword, maybe I need to use the dual blades for this monster.

He also described some of the differences between developing for consoles and PC. On console you use first party matchmaking, you just kind of plug into it, whether it's PSN or Xbox Live, but on PC we're going to have to work more to get our own matchmaking working. While we received that news last week, we didn't have a concrete reason for why. Whenever you get over that hurdle by yourself, it's such a great feeling, why would we let you skip that just to make a bit of extra money?

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