Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
Research | By Raquel Erickson

Intel CEO addresses Spectre and Meltdown bugs at CES keynote

Intel CEO addresses Spectre and Meltdown bugs at CES keynote

Krzanich showed how companies are using Intel's technology to transform their businesses through AI.

"Security is job No. 1 for Intel and our industry, and the primary focus of our decisions have been to keep our customers' data safe", Krzanich said.

Intel's new Immersive Media technology will give viewers the choice they have never had, of watching from any angle they want, and from any perspective.

Apple releases patches for macOS and iOS to mitigate the Spectre security vulnerabilities as Intel continues its own patching efforts. Coincidentally, Smith was also the Pentium manager who explained Intel's FDIV bug to reporters 24 years ago.

Speaking at the unveiling Brian Krzanich, Intel Chief Executive said, "We not only find data everywhere today, but it will be the creative force behind the innovations of the future". Intel says it was notified about the bugs in June.

The Volocopter was Intel's most eye-catching achievement, but the tech company also debuted a number of other products and services as part of a comprehensive look at what data can accomplish. The dome, which is outfitted with 100 cameras, is created to capture actors and objects in 3D, producing content for movies and VR and AR applications. A self-driving Ford Fusion made its way onto the keynote stage with Krzanich as well, making it the first 100-vehicle test fleet run by Israel-based software company Mobileye, which Intel acquired for $15 billion in 2017.

Intel will branch out soon. The company will work with the event's rights-holders to capture 30 Olympic events and show them both live and on-demand through an NBC Sports VR app.

During the Intel keynote, Krzanich said Intel's labs and researchers are "committed" to advancing quantum computing, with a Netherlands-based lab specifically testing and building quantum computing systems.

Intel, like other manufacturers, have been busy exploring the possibilities of quantum computing, which discard the traditional binary ones and zeroes for superpositional states that can represent several additional values.

In the first half of 2018, Intel plans to partner with leading universities and research organizations and apply Loihi to more complex problems.

The incredible technology developed by Intel can possible people immersion inside a TV, helping them, have a different entertainment experience.

While there is no timeline details on the quantum chip - codenamed Tangle Lake - Krzanich was clear that this nascent technology could one day help solve the biggest problems humanity faces, taking minutes to solve problems that our current supercomputers take months or years to calculate, including drug development and climate modelling.

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