Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
Research | By Raquel Erickson

Intel sets world record by flying 100 mini drones for light show

Intel sets world record by flying 100 mini drones for light show

Intel set a world record for flying more than 100 drones from a single computer.

Technology giant Intel staged the glittering show over the iconic fountains, in which 250 of its "Shooting Star Drones" formed different shapes in the sky. A single pilot can fly up to 100 of them at once. It is designed with safety and creativity in mind with a super-lightweight structure and propeller guards.

Indoor drone flight is hard because of a lack of access to Global Positioning System, smaller spaces and of course, obstacles like walls and ceilings. These Shooting Stars are basically self-flying aerial vehicles that use navigation and Global Positioning System sensors technology to avoid crashing into each other. Intel said the software allows for complex show design in weeks rather than months.

Take a look at Intel's light show here, for a pretty dazzling display of aerial choreography (although I have to say, it'd be far more impressive were one in the actual room). The record has since been broken by the Chinese drone company Ehang with 1,000 drones during the Chinese Lantern Festival in 2017.

The skyline above the Las Vegas Strip lit up Monday night, and not due to the usual flare from the famous hotels but instead a first-of-its-kind drone light show.

Intel chief executive Brian Krzanich announced a three-year partnership with Ferrari at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that will work in two main areas: improving the TV spectacle of Ferrari's one-make racing series, and helping improve the performance of customers who race Ferrari 488 coupes.

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