Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Iran slams United States lawmakers' support for anti-regime protests

Iran slams United States lawmakers' support for anti-regime protests

The meeting between Zarif and the three European parties to the landmark 2015 agreement comes after Iran warned the world today to prepare for the withdrawal of the United States.

"We now see that Iranians are willing to take profound risks to challenge the regime directly in a way we have not seen in years", Maloney said.

"The Iranian regime. this is a theocracy, a democratic dictatorship that's been in place for 40 years, in a government that has a lot of blood on its hands, and you know it's Canada's duty I think, its obligation to speak out forcefully for the protection of human rights in that country".

Demonstrators initially vented their anger over high prices and alleged corruption, but the protests took on a rare political dimension, with a growing number of people calling on Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, 78, to step down.

The Tudeh Party of Iran, banned in the country because of its adherence to Marxism-Leninism and socialism, immediately plunged into these popular protest demonstrations.

At least 21 people have been killed in the chaos.

Since the US -led invasion of Iraq in 2003, Iran has expanded its presence across the Middle East as a counter to the American bases that dot the Arab Gulf countries surrounding it.

On Monday, state-run Aftab News reported that Sina Ghanbari died in custody after being held in Tehran's notorious Evin Prison along with hundreds of other protesters.

The collapse a year ago of the Caspian Credit Institute, which promised depositors returns often seen in Ponzi schemes, showed the economic desperation faced by many in Iran. He held onto his presidency with Quds force generals leading foreign fighters from Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well Iranian-supported Hezbollah guerrillas from Lebanon.

The cabinet also agreed to approve the bill aimed at encouraging and supporting mutual investment between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the government of the Czech Republic and submit it to the Iran's Parliament.

"The Trump Administration is deeply concerned by reports that the Iranian regime has imprisoned thousands of?Iranian citizens in the past week for engaging in peaceful protests".

Both Rouhani and Khamenei have acknowledged the protesters' right to be heard.

Finally, it would give a green light for Iran to break out of the deal's nuclear shackles, accelerating a nuclear crisis in the Middle East when we already have our hands full with one on the Korean peninsula.

In the past few days, Iranian authorities have said the protests are waning, and on Sunday, Iran's Revolutionary Guard claimed the nation and its security forces had ended the unrest. Given India's close involvement with Iran economically and politically, New Delhi can not afford to take sides between Tehran and its foreign opponents.

"On the one hand it has succeeded in preventing these protests getting out of hand and contained them to a great extend and they did not achieve critical mass in terms of numbers", Randjbar-Daemi said.

He made the remarks during a speech commemorating protests against the Shah of Iran in 1978. "And we call on Iran to adhere to its worldwide human rights obligations".

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