Published: Wed, January 17, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

JJ Abrams Sci-Fi Drama Series Shopped to Apple, HBO

JJ Abrams Sci-Fi Drama Series Shopped to Apple, HBO

The show is now unnamed, but is pitched as a family-driven sci-fi drama.

Ten years after his last tangible stint as a creator/writer in television, J.

Titled Demimonde (definitions range from French for "half world", to a hedonistic group unbound by morals), the series will follow the young daughter of her scientist mother, navigating a odd new world after she and her parents are in a bad auto accident that leaves the mother in a coma. After the mother winds up in a coma, her daughter begins digging through her experiments in the basement and winds up transporting to another land amid a world's battle against a monstrous, oppressive force. The father eventually joins his daughter there.

Based on Abrams' previous TV dramas as a lead creator - Fringe, Lost, Alias and Felicity - it sounds like this could be another mystery-fuelled head-scratcher from the Bad Robot stable. If the project gets picked up-either by Apple, HBO, or a third network-it would be the first show Abrams has written and created since Fringe, the sci-fi series led by Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson that premiered in September of 2008.

Abrams is also working alongside writer/director Quentin Tarantino on a new film in the "Star Trek" franchise as well.

Abrams has also served as executive producer on "Westworld", "Roadies", "Person of Interest" and "11.22.63". We'll keep our eyes peeled for more updates to come.

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