Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

LG launches 65-inch 'rollable' TV at CES 2018

LG launches 65-inch 'rollable' TV at CES 2018

As per a report from The Verge, the new LG display prototype will also additionally come with a 4K resolution. The SUPER UHD TVs with FALD allow denser backlighting zones throughout the display, unlike edge lighting, in which backlights are positioned on the edges of the TV panel.

One of the features LG have been able to implement using the rollable technology is having the TV operate in different formats. The company has described well about this new IPS Technology.

No pricing or availability is available now for the new TVs, which also benefit from a software and image processing overhaul to display colours more accurately and "enhanced image rendering".

We're not sure how much LG's new 88-inch 8K OLED display will cost, but we can expect it will be expensive for most consumers.

After announcing the world's first 88-inch OLED 8K resolution television, South Korean display technology pioneer LG unveiled another innovative TV with extreme bendable capabilities.

In-Byung Kang, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at LG Display stated that the successful development of this screen is critical in the 8K scenery.

Although some concept big-screen TVs shown at past CES shows have been bendy, this is the first one that's flexible enough to spin up into tube form.

Also now in 2018 LG TVs is LG's Alpha 9 processor powering the company's OLED TVs, viewers will experience further improvements in picture quality. Taking a step down is the new LG AI OLED C8, also in 55 and 65-inches. As for sound, Dolby Atmos is also supported on LG's OLED TVs. With another press of the remote control, the panel sinks even deeper into its base box, leaving only a wide strip at the top that can be used to show smart home information, music controls, or whatever other ambient updates you want to see.

Call buying is nothing new on Universal Display.

Needless to say, LG hasn't revealed the pricing or release dates of any of its 2018 TVs.

Packing away a TV like a poster can certainly make it easier to move or hide. It can be rolled up like a canvas and disappear into a rectangular case, which looks more like a standalone soundbar.

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