Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

LG to stop releasing phones on a set yearly schedule

LG to stop releasing phones on a set yearly schedule

Jo Seong-Jin, CEO of LG Electronics, disclosed some interesting information when speaking to Korean media at CES 2018.

The announcement via the Korea Herald was in response to a query on the expected launch of the LG G7. We were expecting to be teased with the LG G7 but nothing.

Nothing has been confirmed yet but we've been told the South Korean tech company is thinking of rebranding the G-Series offering.

LG hosted a press conference at CES 2018 where Vice Chairman Cho Sung-jin said that its models will stick around for longer then before, with more variants launching between new models. This time, the devices will be introduced when needed. "We will unveil new smartphones when it is needed", Cho pointed out.

LG to stop releasing phones on a set yearly schedule

The end of a yearly cycle of phone releases for LG comes in the face of declining profits for LG in their mobile business, as well as across the industry.

Cho did not comment on the division's financial losses however, instead citing concerns over "the supply of lithium materials" and the need to "retain a good platform" as key factors in the decision.

2018's show brought the usual haul of new colors, phones that existed in other markets now announced for the United States, niche devices and midrange models. Last year, LG did well on the budget phone category but not on the flagship category. In the near future, it may even venture into robots and artificial intelligence.

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