Published: Wed, January 31, 2018
Entertaiment | By Paul Elliott

Pakistan condemns IS attack on Kabul military academy

Pakistan condemns IS attack on Kabul military academy

In August 2014, U.S. Army Major General Harold Greene was shot and killed in an attack claimed by the Taliban. It is better that both the US-led Resolute Support Mission and the Taliban fighters test their muscles in battle fields, in mountains and away from civil population and cities. The restrictions fly in the face of Pentagon assertions over the past year that it was striving to be more transparent about the US war campaigns across Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. In terms of unity of these terrorist organizations, or insurgent organizations, as you rightly said, the Afghan government is their common enemy and they will do anything to weaken that government, regardless of their difference.

Since January 2016, SIGAR's quarterly reports have included tallies on how many of Afghanistan's 407 districts are controlled by the NATO-backed government. China also strongly condemned the attack on military academy in Kabul on Monday. Insurgents, predominantly the Taliban, almost doubled their territory during that time period either controlling or "influencing" 13 percent by August, 2017 up from 7 percent almost two years before.

Gresback stated that SIGAR labeled this information "incorrectly".

Apart from the feud over what information should be provided publicly, the SIGAR report offered a grim portrait of the war effort.

It doesn't take official data to see that the security situation in Afghanistan has continued to deteriorate. "I don't remember seeing in a SIGAR report this amount of angst". The least that it can do is weaken the Afghan national security forces. According to watchdog report, the Afghan government has lost control of a substantial amount of territories to insurgents over the past two years. He said the ferry had been carrying at least 50 people while traveling between two islands in the remote nation of Kiribati.

In November 2015, the Afghan government controlled about 72% of the country, while the insurgents influenced just 7%.

In an abrupt about face, the US military released data Tuesday showing insurgents in Afghanistan are growing stronger after a Pentagon auditing office complained it had been prohibited from releasing the unclassified statistics. The US government's own ombudsman of the war, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), had earlier complained the US military had barred the information from being released to the public. That's about 13 percent higher than the same period previous year, the watchdog says. But then President Trump spoke this afternoon and said this. God's curse be upon the arrogant powers, their agents, as well as the vicious Zionist regime and the US for destroying Muslims in such a horrendous manner.

Jones says it's probably too soon for that strategy to show an effect on the ground. It was procured by the Pakistan army from a British company and supplied to the Lashkar-e-Tayiba in Kashmir and Taliban in Afghanistan. "We only have one side, and we don't even have complete understanding of that side anyway".

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