Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

PUBG surpasses 3 million players on Xbox One

PUBG surpasses 3 million players on Xbox One

Players of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds who did not properly receive in-game currency after the full release in December a year ago will be compensated, but the community wants the multiplayer shooter's developers to focus on an entirely different issue.

In just a month, has gone from being the fourth most played Xbox One game to seeing over three million players. It is available on Xbox One and PC, with the former being in the Xbox Game Preview program. You don't have to look very far to see countless videos of players using hacks in PUBG that allow them to basically insta-kill anyone from anywhere on the map.

In December, PUBG launched on Xbox One, just in time to pull out all the stops on Xbox One X.

The juggernaut that is PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds seems to be unstoppable.

"The team at PUBG determined to continue to improve the in-game experience for PUBG's growing and active community", said Greenberg. The Xbox One had 1 million copies sold in its first 48 hours after its launching. When the game's arrival on Xbox One was announced, console gamers were excited to get in on the action. So it's safe to say that she is the most successful PC game even in spite of the many shortcomings and problems. PUBG is a surprisingly realistic and high-tension title set on a massive island.

Player-Focused Metagame Tools: Leaderboards and statistics plus replays and spectator mode tools are coming after Early Access launch.

Developers of "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" reportedly made noticeable improvements in its gameplay performance on Xbox One after releasing the latest patches.

PUBG is a reimagining of the first-person shooter as an e-sport competition, a virtual version of the Hunger Games where competitors parachute onto an island, and then find weapons and other items and hunt each other down.

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