Published: Wed, January 31, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

PUBG: The new map Miramar will be great for esports

PUBG: The new map Miramar will be great for esports

According to posts made by the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds community on Reddit, players have discovered that they can now avoid the Miramar desert map by moving or deleting the desert-related files in the game's "Paks" folder.

If the current test build is consistently crashing for you, we recommend that you play on the live servers instead.

Finally, they have 'upgraded the item spawn level of certain areas for loot balancing, ' which essentially means you'll find better stuff in some areas where it used to be bad.

These include the introduction of more buildings and cover across the map, more off-road routes for "easier vehicle navigation", and it has also upgraded the item spawn level for loot balancing meaning that some areas will spawn better loot.

The desert map, called Miramar, has been playable for around a month now, and it's provided players a significantly different experience to the original map. Bluehole has claimed that while the update is available on the test servers, players may experience crashes.

Unfortunately for those who tend to find themselves evading enemies in vehicles, Patch 7 will modify how damage effects both the vehicle and those inside the vehicle. One of the most noteworthy changes is that vehicles now take more damage. Check out the patch notes below. "We have a few minor updates to gameplay this week, alongside bug-fixes and performance tweaks".

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