Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Samsung Starts Volume Production 2.4 Gbps 8GB HBM2 Stacks

Samsung Starts Volume Production 2.4 Gbps 8GB HBM2 Stacks

This new HBM2 is much faster than the first spins of HBM2, where we're looking at bandwidth of an insane 2.4Gbps and in 8-Hi height (8GB) stacks which should see up to 32GB on next-gen graphics cards.

The production milestone was heralded by Jaesoo Han, executive vice president, Memory Sales & Marketing at Samsung Electronics, who said that the new memory chips would strengthen Samsung's memory industry leadership competitiveness.

Samsung on Thursday announced it has started mass production of its second-generation 8GB High Bandwidth Memory-2 (HBM2).

The new solution, Aquabolt, which is the company's 2nd-generation 8GB HBM2 DRAM to deliver a 2.4 gigabits-per-second (Gbps) data transfer speed per pin at 1.2 volt, can process 307GB of data, which is equivalent to 61 full HD 5GB movies, in one second. Samsung highlights that using four of the HBM2 Aquabolt packages in a system will enable 1.2 terabytes-per-second (TBps) bandwidth.

HBM is a new type of dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) for processing data and is used for supercomputer, network and graphic card due to its exceptionally high processing speeds.

To achieve these technical advances in the Samsung Aquabolt HBM2, Samsung had to revamp the TSV design, vertically connecting over 5000 TSVs per die and upgrading the thermal control, allowing for a massive bump in chip performance. Moreover, Samsung will continue to offer leading-edge HBM2 solutions, to succeed its 1st-generation HBM2, Flarebolt, and its 2nd-generation, Aquabolt, as it further expands the market over the next several years. Also, the new HBM2 includes an additional protective layer at the bottom, which increases the package's overall physical strength.

Samsung Electronics say that a single Aquabolt HBM2 module is capable of transfer speeds of around 307GBps, which the company claims is 9.6 times faster compared to the older HBM2 memory controller. A release date hasn't been mentioned, Samsung unveiled its predece.

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