Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
Sport | By Wilson Duncan

Steve Kerr laments coverage of LaVar Ball, the 'Kardashian of the NBA'

Steve Kerr laments coverage of LaVar Ball, the 'Kardashian of the NBA'

And how journalism works. "I got a problem with ESPN deciding that's a story".

Earlier this week, Carlisle referred to ESPN's fascination with interviewing a "blowhard, " calling it a disgrace.

Weirdly and annoyingly, this is the result of - ugh - LaVar Ball.

The Lakers' struggles have been hard for the team, but the team faces additional drama with the outspoken father of Lonzo Ball, Lavar Ball, claiming that Lakers head coach Luke Walton has lost the support of his players, saying in an ESPN interview "You can see they're not playing for Luke no more", Ball said, "Luke doesn't have control of the team no more".

That sounds dumb because it is.

One more from the LaMelo Ball highlight reel.

Not one to be shy to speak his mind, current Pistons head coach Stan Van Gundy also weighed in, and echoed Carlisle's sentiments. The Mavs were 13-28 heading into Tuesday's game against Orlando.

And ESPN (along with Turner Sports) is paying the National Basketball Association $24 billion over the life of the league's current television contract - the same contract that pays both men's salaries. "And in exchange for that, they should back up the coaches".

As for coaches attacking ESPN for giving LaVar Ball a platform, let's be clear: If there was no money in following the Ball family, ESPN wouldn't have sent a reporter halfway round the world to chronicle the daily life of two teenagers participating for a run-of-the-mill Lithuanian team or give airtime to their father.

The lovable college basketball analyst isn't happy with ESPN's coverage.

. That's why coaches cooperate.

Doc backing Carlisle makes sense. He'd make a lot less if not for that TV money.

Why is Ball a story? And he's certainly entitled to his opinion.

"Man, if I tried one-hundredth of what LaVar does, Klay would disown me as a parent", Mychal said last month on 95.7 The Game in San Francisco.

Kerr is talking about weighty issues, and as usual, speaking with authority and competence, but these things aren't going to be fixed overnight, even if we somehow banned LaVar Ball from appearing online or on television ever again.

LaVar Ball's words are still dominating the news cycle all the way from Lithuania. Carlisle responded. "That's what I'm saying". It's annoying, but it's real. He's right - ESPN spends far too much time interviewing someone who is nothing more than an irritating parent.

Even though he's halfway across the globe, Ball still found time to criticize Walton's handling of the Lakers, which Kerr said is an unfortunate reality of the job in Los Angeles. The story didn't reflect badly on Walton, it reflected badly on Ball.

The coach said he understands media criticism of coaches, but doesn't appear to be a fan of it coming out of the mouth of a player's father. He also said he agreed with Rick Carlisle, but that things wouldn't change.

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