Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
Research | By Raquel Erickson

Terrorists may use drones for their attacks

Terrorists may use drones for their attacks

The ministry derided a Pentagon statement that drone technology could be bought on the open market and said it was taking "a fresh look" at the fact that a Poseidon "patrolled over the area of the Mediterranean Sea between Tartus and Hmeimim at an altitude of 7,000 metres for more than four hours during the..."

Russian Defense Ministry officials say that the drones could've only been prepared by a country with advanced satellite navigation capabilities, and a none-too-subtle suggestion that this may have been the United States.

Read the whole story from Radio Free Europe.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights expressed grave concern for an estimated two million people in the Idlib region, where the population has grown as Syrian rebels and civilians fled government advances in other areas.

The daring use of short-range mortars also pointed to the inability of Syrian forces to protect the Alawite heartland from hit-and-run raids by the rebels.

Russian media reported two smaller drone attacks against military outposts in the provinces of Homs and Latakia over the past two weeks.

A recent study by London based Centre for Armament Research (CAR) warned that the numerous USA and Saudi Arabia supplied advanced weapons and military equipment to Syrian rebels ended up with Islamic State forces. The Russian defence ministry was forced to deny reports that seven warplanes were damaged in the attack.

Russian Federation claims the drones used in the attacks had a range of about 30 to 60 miles and on Wednesday said they were launched from the village of Muwazarra, about 50 miles away from Hmeimim.

"Russia's military intervention in Syria and its repeated use of the veto at the United Nations Security Council makes Russian Federation a party to the conflict", The Guardian quoted the group as saying.

And perhaps the Kremlin really does believe the USA military was behind the attacks, which would be a very serious situation indeed. We take appropriate force protection measures to ensure Coalition forces and our partners can safely carry out their missions.

One of the drones captured by the Russian military. "Such aircraft-type aerial vehicles are available on the open market, so this attack is unique for the level of its organization, rather than for its technological level", the expert said.

Idlib province is nearly entirely controlled by anti-government forces that are dominated by an outfit known as Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) consisting mostly of former fighters from the Nusra Front, an al-Qaeda affiliate.

It said the group had already tried to destroy Syrian Army de-mining units using UAVs.

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