Published: Wed, January 17, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

The Internet Is In Love With Google's Fine Art Selfie-Matching App

The Internet Is In Love With Google's Fine Art Selfie-Matching App

Google's Art & Culture app has gone viral with its cool feature of matching ordinary user selfies with famous artworks.

According to Google, the Google Arts & Culture app of pattern recognition to recognise face patterns and understand characteristics of different faces. "Maps has been accessible on desktop for years, but does not have an official presence in Android or iOS app stores in China", Google Spokesman Taj Meadows said in comments sent to Reuters.

The Arts & Culture app has been around for some time and allows people to take virtual tours of museums, find their favorite artwork, explore stories and digital exhibits and create their own collections to share with others.

It is worth noting here that you can anytime leave the testing programme and switch to the public version of the Google Maps Go app by uninstalling the testing version and then install the public version for the Play Store. In addition, the Google Photo app is powered by AI that can sort through images not only of humans but also of animals.

Users should then scroll down to the section that says "Is your portrait in a museum?" After the photo is clicked, the database and pattern recognition software will scan the database and display four best-matched options.

The Google Arts app is available everywhere in the US-except for IL and Texas.

Is the app safe to use?

In many cases, the old-timey people in the paintings resemble them uncannily, but, other than in rare cases, that's not the case at all with Google's app.

The No. 1 free app in the country gives you both the chance to appreciate some fine art and have a laugh while you're doing it. It remains unclear when it will travel the world, since Google has traditionally unveiled the new features locally before rolling them out further. At the moment, the app is on a public test release in the United States and there's no telling if global users will get a taste of its features and functions anytime soon.

Google has tried to re-enter the China market, where its main search platform is blocked along with its popular video platform YouTube, limiting its access to China's internet users.

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