Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
Medicine | By Brett Sutton

The Latest Raw Water Trend Is a Huge Health Hazard

The Latest Raw Water Trend Is a Huge Health Hazard

One manager at a grocery cooperative in San Francisco that sells the so-called "raw water" described it as having "a vaguely mild sweetness [and] a nice smooth mouth feel".

He warns that because safe drinking water has become the norm, people are unaware of how unsafe natural, unclean and untreated water can be. The reality, though, is one that could involve serious illnesses uncommon in modern America.

A recent article in the New York Times introduced the world to the health trend known as raw water, which is water that is unfiltered and untreated to prevent the spread of bacteria or other contaminants.

Since the story was published the price of the water, called Live Water, has rocketed up from $36.99 to $60.99.

While the startup has many convinced, food safety expert Bill Marler says in a separate report that "almost everything conceivable" that can make a person sick is found in unfiltered water.

Cholera, dysentery or typhoid fever could occur from drinking raw water. "We celebrate this ancient life source that humanity flourished from, since the beginning of our existence", the Live Water website says. The difference is what else may be in there: other minerals but also things unseen such as animals relieving themselves in the water stream or dead animals that may be in it, too. Cases like the travesty in Flint, Michigan, are very real, and they bring with them very real health consequences. Its Source solar panel system costs US$4,500, and enables customers to collect raw water from sunlight and air.

Another big proponent of the raw water craze is Juicero's founder, Doug Evans.

There's a reason the government has Food and Drug Administration water regulations: filtration removes harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites that may be in any water source. A puddle could be marketed as raw and you don't see many people getting on their knees every time they fancy a drink, do you?

"Tap water? You're drinking toilet water with birth control drugs in them", Mukhande Singh explained to The New York Times. He claims his water "expires" after a few months, assuring him a constant supply of new customers who can never stock up on ethereal power.

"Personally I've drank a lot of spring water".

Another store Liquid Eden offers a variety of water options - including fluoride-free, chlorine-free and "mineral electrolyte alkaline", according to NYT. "This is the opposite of 'raw water, ' which is essentially untreated ground or surface water, which nearly certainly contains any number of pathogens", a spokesperson from Zero Mass Water said.

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