Published: Tue, January 30, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

The Shadow Of The Colossus PS4 Remake Looks Fantastic

The Shadow Of The Colossus PS4 Remake Looks Fantastic

On top of that, the most interesting thing is that you can apply the filters or customize the colors to your liking and play the whole game with that; so this means that you can choose your own appearance that is emotionally significant for you. However, this time a big Colossus is bearing down upon him.

Almost thirteen years after its original release on PS2, Bluepoint Games has somehow found a way to make Shadow of the Colossus feel like an entirely new and fresh experience.

I was not prepared for what Bluepoint Games managed to achieve with this remake when I booted it up for the first time.

Shadow of the Colossus is out February 6 in North America, and February 7 in Europe on PS4.

The website's Chris Plante notes that the game looks like a modern title, but retains the "mechanical defects" of its predecessor, such as the control scheme and "fussy" camera. It's still very much Shadow Of The Colossus as you remember it, but remastered and remade to a degree that it feels like a completely new game. Even the particle system has been changed for the better. The HUD has been slightly cleaned up which allows the world and colossi to take center stage more than before. "What a relief to play a game that demands neither more money nor time". We know that the most Colossus were planned at various stages of development so it would've been cool to see their addition in this remake, not a loss but a missed opportunity for sure. After all, Bluepoint Games (the developer behind the remake) wasn't going to add anything substantial to the game aside from the updated visuals. You figure out how to take down a colossi with a minimal amount of help, and when it does eventually tumble, the victory feels hard-earned. Agro specifically feels just as cumbersome to control as he always did, which is a bit disappointing. The game's animations are another aspect that have been recreated from scratch, adding detail but retaining the feel of the original game.

One problem that was present in the previous version of Shadow of Colossus was the framerate, especially, when fighting the giant colossus there seemed to be a lot of disorientation. Still, if you've become obsessed with taking pics like I have over the past year, then you'll surely be pausing the game incessantly to find a cool new shot. I also found one new easter egg that ties into another Japan Studio game that you might be familiar with. But, have I seen this dev diary video, I would've known that SOTC was in good hands. This isn't a major problem, but I think Bluepoint lost something special about Shadow of the Colossus during its transition. The legacy of Shadow of the Colossus has never been in question, but this PS4 edition has just further solidified its place amongst gaming's masterpieces.

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