Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
Finance | By Loren Pratt

Trump asked why 'pretty Korean lady' analyst wasn't negotiating with North Korea

Trump asked why 'pretty Korean lady' analyst wasn't negotiating with North Korea

Last fall, after receiving a briefing on Pakistan from a career intelligence officer, Trump reportedly asked the woman, who was briefing the president for her first time, where she was from.

Amid ongoing national and worldwide condemnation for his remarks about "shithole" African nations, Donald Trump has come under fire yet again after details emerged about an intelligence briefing in which he asked why a "pretty Korean lady" wasn't working on negotiations with North Korea.

She told him she was from NY, and, when pressed, she added that she was from Manhattan, according to NBC News. Trump asked, according to multiple people briefed on the meeting, before going on to question why the USA wasn't admitting more immigrants from countries like Norway instead.

He wanted to know where "your people" are from, according to the officials, who spoke under condition of anonymity due to the nature of the internal discussions.

Trump then asked aloud why "the pretty Korean lady" wasn't working on the North Korean nuclear crisis, NBC News reported, citing "two officials with direct knowledge of the exchange".

Although the White House did not initially deny the remark, Trump on Friday claimed he had not made the disparaging comments during a Thursday meeting on immigration with lawmakers.

Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin said on Friday that the president made "hate-filled, vile, and racist" comments during the meeting, "and he said them repeatedly". The White House did not immediately comment.

Following a Trump's speech to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. journalist April Ryan, of American Urban Radio, accused him of racism, calling out, "Mr. President, are you a racist?"

Trump, it has often been reported, likes to match people to jobs he thinks they look qualified for.

United Nations officials and government ministers from the countries mentioned have condemned Trump, describing them as "racist".

But the worldwide community condemned the comments, which were corroborated by congressmen who had been in the room when Trump made the controversial remarks.

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